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How it Works
To qualify for a payday loan, you must:


Quick Inquiry Process

A lender that you have been matched with will receive your inquiry within seconds. Lender will then contact you and will require additional information such as your fax number in order to fax you a few things and for you to fax them a few things such as your pay stub etc.


Send Cash Directly to You

After lender has been approved your application the loan will then be transferred to your checking account.


Private and Secure

We make use of the most secure and advanced encryption technology in order to protect your private data


Automated Repayment

The loan fees and the loan will be withdrawn automatically from your checking account when it is due, so you do not have to do anything.


If you meet these initial requirements, you may qualify for a payday loan! Your next step is to fill out the application

Your personal information is filled out online from the privacy of your home, so it's comfortable and in most cases faxless. Your information is kept secure so you can rest assured that your business stays your business.